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Her music has no borders 

cosmic and earthly

Paquita Gordon starts her journey as a DJ, promoter and art director in 2008. She founds the "AV-Netwerk" collective between London, Berlin and Venice, where she performs a five hours djset in Piazza San Marco. In 2013 in Sicily she constitutes "il Vulcano", a cultural association directing music festivals ("Stereocybele" and "Capofaro Space & Sound", in the islands of Pantelleria and Salina), and in 2016 she conducts a twelve hours radio show on the island of Stromboli with the participation of Roberto Cacciapaglia and Gigi Masin and presents "Paroxysm", an experimental live set based on volcanic field recordings performed by Robert Lippok and Giuseppe Cordaro.

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contemporary declinations

"A triumph of the ritual and collective dimension of the musical experience"

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Her talent in the use of turntables brought her to play in museums and cultural centres like ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, PAC – Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea and Pirelli Hangar Bicocca in Milano for the inauguration of XXI Esposizione Internazionale of Triennale di Milano “21st Century Design After Design”. She consolidates her work with Triennale playing sessions in front of 10.000 people for the 2017 Design Week Opening presenting the exclusive project “Italian Music. Antologia in vinile a cura di Paquita Gordon” and for the 2018 edition with "Mar Mediterraneo. Music and soundscapes by Paquita Gordon and Filippo Brancadoro on Tropic Disco Sound System, with special percussive participation by Nino Errera".

She played at every edition of the Terraforma Experimental and Sustainable Music Festival at Villa Arconati, delivered great sets at Epizode (Phu Quoc, Vietnam) and Dekmantel Festival (including a Boiler Room performance), played clubs like Berghain Panorama Bar (Berlin), De School (Amsterdam) and Circoloco @ DC10 (Ibiza), participated at the David August international music tours in 2016 and 2018 and has a residency at Club Plastic Milano. In the summer of 2018 she realised an exclusive mix for the renowned podcast series by Resident Advisor.

Her world has no borders, and the same goes for her music: a tireless traveller, she gets new inspirations from all the places she visits. Her sets, all of them entirely played on vinyl, can be divided through two main kinds, a cosmic one and an earthly one.


The first category delves into the realms of psychedelia, black music, ambient, dub, folk and spiritual jazz, creating something that is hard to define, personal and unique; while the second one is linked with a 360^ club heritage, that goes from house and techno to dnb and trance, with perfect and enthralling mixes. Paquita’s musical research focuses on tribal aspects of sound, starting from its origins and following these roots to their most contemporary declinations, triggering a triumph of the ritual and collective dimension of the musical experience.

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